Advantages of the Zhengyuan ® YS series mesh nebulizers


  1. Zhengyuan medical is dedicated to providing first-class technology, products and services to the emerging strategic field of portable mesh nebulizers. Starting in January 2017, the company main brand Zhengyuan ® YS series mesh nebulizers, "easily Zhengyuan, enjoy health". Believe that zhengyuan ® YS series mesh nebulizers will play a prominent role in the field of atomization inhalation therapy.

  2. Zhengyuan medical and its core team has 11 years of experience in research and development of mesh plate and nabulizer drive circuit , including inventions, utility models, appearance and so on nearly 20 patents, covering mesh plate , mesh nebulizer, line of software copyright, appearance, and other products core technology and research and development of new products. Zhengyuan ®YS series mesh nebulizer by atomization inhalation therapy rapid development momentum, with "Good at diligence and honesty " spirit dedicates the advantage of the atomization industry brand. Believes that is yuan medical Zhengyuan® will firmly relying on their superiority, the quality of the products with wind and rain, entrepreneurial environment.

  3. Zhengyuan ® YS series of mesh nebulizer is imported high-quality 316LVM stainless steel, with very low impurities and strong resistance to corrosion and oxidation resistance, have very low impurity and strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, distribution of more than 2000 on its micro mesh holes, aperture only 2 ~ 3 microns. The new design of the latest anti-plugging hole in 2017, the mist is smooth and gentle, and the atomization is easier.

  4. Zhengyuan ® YS series of mesh nebulizer atomized rate for acuity 0.2 ml/min, MMAD to 5 microns plus or minus 25%, atomization inhalation therapy internationally recognized gold particle size distribution.

  5. Zhengyuan ® YS series of mesh nebulizer mist is also the only domestic currently (section 2017.6) approved by the jiangsu province food and drug administration of the real "Mesh Nebulizerr" (not a common "medical ultrasonic atomizer") on the market.

  6. Intelligent search frequency technology can realize the host and any medication cup fast intelligent matching, convenient replacement, but also on the drive circuit hardware and software in more than 30 advantage prevent hole technology, simple mode of cleaning, hole wall will not be afraid, use is easy and convenient.

  7. Zhengyuan ® YS series mesh nebulizer first peers in June 2016 has achieved CE certification (CE NO. 16 G2 02, 90585, 002), by the global authority TUV she strict certification, awarded the hl-tech corporation certificate at the same time. Our products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as southeast Asia, Middle East and European Union. Since 2016, the company has been certified in China and Germany and the United States FDA, and the certification is progressing smoothly.

  8. Zhengyuan® YS series mesh nebulizer approved by jiangsu provincial institute commissioned suzhou university laboratory test noise, the result of 20.2 db, in use process can hardly hear any noise, especially children in the process of using all showed good adherence to atomization treatment, improve the effect of the treatment.

  9. Zhengyuan® YS series mesh nebulizer took the lead in peer using more advanced intelligent anhydrous detection technology, without detection probes, sensitive degree of pure induction, high accuracy, more secure, and extend the service life of the host.

  10. Zhengyuan® YS series mesh nebulizer used to produce heat of liquids, better guarantee the stability of the solution.

  11. Zhengyuan® YS series mesh nebulizer a key touch operation is simple, even if children will be without the help of doctors and parents have an easy to use.

  12. Zhengyuan® YS series mesh nebulizer can use multiple perspectives, lying down, sitting and standing can be atomization treatment.

  13. Zhengyuan® YS series mesh nebulizer the weight less than 80 g, and only razor size, volume, convenient to carry, can easily complete the atomization anytime and anywhere.

  14. Zhengyuan® YS series mesh nebulizer is only 1.5 W, when using more energy conservation and environmental protection, safety and efficiency.

  15. Zhengyuan® YS series mesh nebulizer can not only use two 5 batteries, you can also use the android interface of external power supply, convenience for the charging anytime and anywhere.

  16. Zhengyuan® YS series mesh nebulizer adopts more advanced smart technology. YS31 has waterless detection function, and YS32 has 20 minutes of fixed time shutdown function, which not only makes the operation more humanized and improves the safety of use, but also extends the service life of the host.

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